About Us

XY Mapping provides high-value Geographic Information Systems (GIS) consultancy and implementation services to all sectors of government and business.

XY Mapping provides a comprehensive range of GIS/Global Positioning System (GPS) consultancy and training services and is one of Queensland's leading and most respected GIS consultancies.

Customer-specific solutions are tailored from the robust pre-developed components. As well as building solutions to customer specifications, XY Mapping has pre-developed a number of niche market solutions for small organisations to State-wide Government clients.

XY Mapping offers a complete range of solutions to maximise the return on investment, and most importantly, to capitalise on an organisations most important asset - data.

Our Mission Statement

Providing high value GIS consultancy, Software, Hardware and Implementation services - to all sectors of government and business.

Key Personnel

Trent Phillips Director

Trent specialises in the key areas of designing GIS solutions to any given need & organisational GIS reviews with a view to formulate enhancement or strategic plans that satisfy the clients priorities while matching their budget allocations.

Scott Kay Director

Scott has over 15 years of working experience in GIS (Mapping) and has a very developed knowledge of systems, maintenance and support requirements. Scott has been providing hands on services to organisations of all sizes, plus private and government customers.


Alicia is the nuts and bolts that holds the organisation together.  Bringing a wealth of knowledge from an extensive adminstration background she maintains a tight ship and keeps the organisation moving forward.

Clients Register

Clients Register

Partner Companies

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