GBM Mobility Suite

Any Data. Any Device. Anywhere.

With powerful maps and easy-to-create smart forms, your team can instantly allocate projects to mobile operators and monitor operations from the manager’s desktop. Corporate or BYO devices work equally well, Android, Apple iOS or Windows10. No connectivity, no problem. With Konect’s powerful off-line caching, you can conduct business in remote areas knowing your data is securely captured and will be automatically delivered to your database as soon as crews are back online. Konect handles all types of data and images, including GIS maps from all the major vendors.

People. Data. Places.

GBM Mobility SuiteRobustly exchange electronic records between the office and work sites to integrate field operations into a modern corporate workflow.  The Konect platform delivers for the whole organization, Corporate Managers, Information Services, Supervisors and Field Crews. 

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  • XY GPS - An online store selling the latest technology in rugged data capture. We stock all the major brands including Getac, Trimble, Handheld, Panasonic Toughbook and Ricoh.