Fire Notices

The Fire Notice Application allows Local Government to administer and meet obligations under the various LGA and CFA legislation that applies in Victoria. The Fire Notice Application provides a user friendly, end to end solution allowing for the field inspection and recording of fire hazard attributes against properties and the storage and processing of this data in a spatially enabled relational database environment.

The system ensures that robust work practices result in the documentation of all aspects of the Fire Notice cycle including:

  • Multiple inspections during the course of the fire season
  • The ability to record multiple defaults against a property
  • Accurate tracking of all key dates in the inspection cycle including inspection, printing, notice issuing, re-inspection, rectification and infringement
  • Batch printing of default notices using customisable templates
  • Automatic calculation of due dates and alerts for re-inspection
  • Capture and linked storage of photographic evidence
  • Tracking of all customer interactions – phone, writing, face to face
  • Full audit history maintained
  • Manages changes to the property record (eg ownership details, sub-division)
  • Manages concessions, compliance date extensions and default cancellations
  • Manages returned notices
  • Allows for export of data for use with other corporate systems

Filed inspections are completed using GPS enabled mobile computers running GBM Mobile. Utilization of property data extracted from the rating system is a key component in accurate, automated tracking of defaulted properties. Other local datasets such as aerial photography and road centerline data is utilized to provide accuracy and visual validation during the field inspection process.

Automated processing is provided for the merging and integration of field data into the SQL Server database.

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