Mobile Data Collection

GBM mobile workforce products provide a comprehensive data collection capability for mobile workers. The solutions work with GPS and Camera enabled mobile devices. They present data collection forms that validate observations at the time of collection and transfer those observations wirelessly to a central database or office computer.

The GBM Custom Forms builder allows in-house consultants to quickly adapt data collection forms to local business needs without programming assistance. The same forms operate on PDA, Tablet/Laptop/Workstation hardware and on the web. This provides office based staff with the same map enabled data view as are provided to field crews.

GBM data collection systems adapt to all sizes of projects. They can work on a single mobile device or as part of a more comprehensive installation that synchronizes data wirelessly with an enterprise level database.

GBM data collection systems offer the following significant advantages over traditional paper based procedures.

Improve Timeliness

There is always a time lag with traditional data collection methods when data collected in the field is manually collated in the office or transcribed from paper forms into electronic records. This delays the availability of data to support decision processes.

These delays mean that trends in observations are often not apparent until well after the end of the field season when it is too late to fine-tune the data collection regime. It often becomes necessary to make decisions on incomplete data or to delay decisions while follow up surveys are run.

Dynamic consolidation of field observations speeds the decision cycle and can allow follow up surveys to be commissioned more cheaply while the operators are in the data collection area. Results are available more quickly and that can lead to better more timely decisions.

Improve Data Quality

Effective Quality Control - Observations are validated in the field at the time of data collection. Consistency and completeness can be managed through pick lists, mandatory data fields, intelligent prompting and pictorial pick lists.

The data has a significantly higher internal consistency and quality than that collected through traditional means.

Process Audit - Field operation can be audited through logging GPS times and locations and through photographs collected during field operations. Data collection records are time stamped and tagged with the ID of the PDA used to record the observations.

Supervisors can be confident that the inspector did visit the field site at the time reported.

Assets and locations details - field operators are presented with GPS linked maps. That makes it easier to navigate to the field site and to correctly identify the assets to be inspected. This is particularly useful when inspecting land parcels or assets that do not include a unique bar code.

Supervisors can be confident that all sites were inspected and that the reports do relate to the specified inspection site.

Zero Transcription Errors - When data is collected in paper forms transcription errors can be expected when that data is subsequently consolidated into the central database needed to support decision processes. Some re-interpretation and data loss can be expected in this process. This risk is eliminated with mobile data collection equipment as data is entered electronically at the field site.

Mobile computing equipment ensures the field observations are correctly logged into the database without risk of transcription errors, data loss or re-interpretation by other parties.

Improve Productivity

Electronic data collection improves productivity of the overall data collection and data consolidation processes.

Field personnel are more productive as electronic maps guide them to the inspection site and data forms take them through the data entry process in a very efficient way.

Supervision and team management workload is reduced as the mobile equipment records audit details that make it easier and quicker to track survey process and identify incorrect work practices.

Data transcription work is not required at the end of the field program. This minimised data centre staffing requirements.

Data can be consolidated as it is collected through automated database update routines. This minimises staffing requirements back in the computer centre.

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