Road Corridor Defects

The GBM Roads Corridor Maintenance Solution assists the owners of road assets to;

  • Define, execute and monitor an inspection regime that is effective for the timely identification of defects on the road surface and associated assets (signs, kerb/channel, footpaths, lighting etc).
  • Prioritize and manage maintenance tasks to ensure that critical repairs are executed within agreed intervention times while making the most appropriate use of available budgets.
  • Schedule and monitor the execution of priority maintenance works.
  • Effectively manage field crews and monitor crew productivity.

The GBM Road Corridor Defects Solution is designed with a relatively low IT department footprint and is ideal for small municipal services organizations. Customers requiring a more comprehensive solution for larger enterprises can upgrade to a full implementation of the GBM Works Management Solution.

In either case, customers get the advantages of map assisted scheduling, effective task prioritization and monitoring, map enabled mobile devices, GPS navigation and wireless date transfer.

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Clients Register

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