Works Management

The GBM Works Management Solution supports scheduling and dispatch of work tasks to field crews, monitoring of execution status and collation of completion details.

This solution is built around a central database and either desktop or web based consoles for monitoring task execution and managing field crew. Field crews receive tasks electronically on map enabled mobile computers.

Work status and completion details are automatically updated in the central database as work progresses.

Interfaces are available to connect the GBM Works Management Solution to external Asset or Maintenance system to integrate field operations with corporate accounting and reporting processes.

The GBM Works Management Solution can improve efficiency and reduce operating costs through:

  • Electronic work dispatch and direct database upload of work completion details means that work crews do not need to return to the depot to pick up paper work. Data quality is improved though on site entry of completion details at the work site.
  • Visibility of task and crew status is improved which can improve utilization by allowing break down and proactive works to be scheduled to the same crews.
  • Crew performance and utilization is more easily monitored than in traditional paper based systems, providing managers with the information they need to optimise work practices
  • Integrated maps lead to more intelligent work assignment and scheduling that drives down costs by reducing travel times

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Clients Register

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